Quicksand Infusion Technology

Created by a small town Esthetician, our Quicksand technology infuses our clean ingredients up to 30x more than a normal serum with the power of spicules- an alternative to microneedling and chemical acids. These sea sponge micro needles penetrate the skin and exfoliate from the inside out, instead of topically, to offer better results with less irritation! Don't let the names scare you, it feels like a prickly scrub and is completely comfortable to use. It's time we get S'mor out of our skincare.



Quicksand Infusion Technology

Our Quicksand Infusion comes from Spicules- a naturally derived ingredient from Sea Sponges (Phylum Porifera).

These 'microneedles' penetrate into the stratum corneum to deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin. Studies show as much as a 3000% increase in the penetration with gentle circular motions. That makes ours up to about 30x more effective than your standard serum!

Are spicules Vegan?

This is a gray area for some. Sea sponges are technically considered animals. However, they behave more similar to a plant. They have no central nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, or organs. Spicules are derived from the skeleton of these organisms.

We will never claim to be Vegan to allow you the choice of deciphering this based on your own understanding - however all of our other ingredients in the formulas are vegan friendly.

Are they pregnancy safe?

Spicules are considered safe for pregnancy and breast feeding and are an amazing alternative to traditional chemical acids that are not accessible under those circumstances! Always consult with your physician if you have concerns.

Do they hurt?

They feel exactly how they sound - prickly. But completely tolerable. There should be no burning or stinging occurring with spicules. If this occurs, stop use and remove the product, as you may have a sensitivity to one of the other ingredients.

Who should / should not use Quicksand Infusion?

Do not use if:

-You are vegan and feel uncomfortable (see vegan tab).

-You have a history of shellfish allergies.

Perfect for:

-Extra absorption of products

-Detoxing acneic skin

-Reducing scarring or pigmentation

-Shrinking pores

-Balancing oil production

-Building collagen

-Stimulating microcirculatory system for a healthy glow